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Instead of a song to song description. I thought it might be
interesting to hear the story behind this album. In my second year
of teaching and yes I was a school music teacher a long time ago.
As part of continuing education that is required of all public school
teachers, I signed up for a electronic music workshop. My first day
in class I saw the most amazing instrument I had ever seen. It had
sliders, buttons, and Jack's all over the place. After class I asked
our instructor if I could come in after hours and use this instrument
to do some personal recordings. Along with this instrument was a for
track Scully tape machine. Each evening after class I experimented
until I found something cool and recorded it. I continued to fill
up the for tracks. what you hear on this album is mostly what I
created that week.

This instrument I'm speaking of was the first performance synthesizer.
I instantly fell in love with the "arp 2600". When the workshop was
over, I told my wife I had to have one of those. I scraped up 3000
dollars and within a couple months I had one. In the next couple
years I created the rest of the pieces you hear on this album.
All of these pieces were created without any planning, rehearsing, or
writing. I have used the Arp in many recordings since then.
As far as this albums song descriptions, you can give them names
yourself much like I did for the piano album.