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Carboys Lyrics

From the Ears Wide Open album

The carboys are a diein breed

not enough the money to feed their needs


take a gto, and a 442

a shiny Corvette and a blue suede shoe


accelerate runem till your out

pocketbook crimper and burnin wheel


(Sally)---------------------------- I want to go to the movies

(boyfriend) - come on Sally, it's Friday night and we've been

through this a hundred times, I spent two years on this

Mustang and I've worked my way up to #1. I don't want to

lose my place now, ok.

(Sally) ---- oh alright(car door slams) just be careful, ok.

(Boyfriend) --------- ya ya this won't take long (car sound)

Sally---- I love you

ch -- time

fuel injected for barrel tuned exhaust

screechin the highway and gettin lost

ch -- time ch -- dedication


(sally) -- That's my guy out there in the red Mustang.

ya nothin can touch em. Think I'll ask my dad to buy me a

Mustang. I'd rather be at the movies, but maybe then we

could spend more time together, ya no (car door)


car ---- ky solo ----- ch - money ch - dedication