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It's Not Right Lyrics

From the Ears Wide Open album

So you spend your life building something that would stand after the dust settles.

well I don't want to be Ungrateful but, I just can't handle

that factory life.

I don't have anything against you or your business but, it

isn't right for me.




it isn't right for me--- not right

it's just not right for me--- not right

it isn't right for me--- not right


I'll tell you there's nothing like the night life.

I keep coming back for more. and I don't care about

shiny cars, diamonds, or fancy restaurants.

but I tell you straight, I'm not spending the rest of my

time punching the clock, like a robot.




and when it comes time for me to leave something behind. I leave the seeds of happiness. and while you

look for a break in the dust, I'll be out there planting seeds, taking my time, living life, not just existing


(chorus ------------ chorus)