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Laughing at You Lyrics

From the Ears Wide Open album

I'm laughing at you, I'm laughing at you
I'm laughing at you, and me-- to

you come up on stage acting like a fool
you shake a tambourine thinkin your so cool
you know it's never write when the night
turns to a fight
but were gettin paid to rock all through the night

chorus---- you and me and you and me---- to

now everyone comes up here wanting to be a star
but no one knows how long it takes or just how far
and then I think of Clark from blue and
his long hard stair at the naked wall and I wonder

chorus---- me to-long-brk-chorus 1-me to

and so I grab the sax and hit that stage
I don't even have the faintest idea what I'm doing
but people shake my hand and tell me I'm just so cool
& the next day they know I was just havin fun
im having fun

chorus--- me chorus--- you