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There is no reason that I can see why you can't play in my music tree.

GLE Music

ears wide open

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A dream-inspired arrangement of tunes, Ears Wide Open will amuse and entertain. Why just settle for vanilla? You can deliciously scoop into Gary's cool & groovy musical ambitions and sample all 5 Flavors of Rock.

Songs on Ears Wide Open:

How Could You?Road Rage Space LadyThat's LifeCarboysWayward WindLaughing at YouIt's Not RightString PeopleSo Hard to Let GoWild Oak TreeOnion PatchHappy Ever AfterParty TonightThat's Life Part 2

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west wing

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Lon Erickson, son of GLE, literally grew up in the studio, surrounded by music and the makings of. He and his father, Gary, have collaborated on many a project, sharing their passion and talent for the art of making song. Lon and his band West Wing, add their collective efforts to GLE Music with their latest CD. They're not crazy - just crazy good.

Songs on West Wing:

Imaginary Influence, Rocking Chair, Chevy Van, Jaded, Lullabye, Dug, January, Sleep, Super Bad Ass, Hellen Mellon, Aqua, 2 Lane, M.E.L., Where's the Base Player, Funky Thing,

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falling in blues

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Bruce Nygren sings and plays guitar on this album, backed by Gary's hot sax and the indomitable Mumble Bugs. Bruce says, "I wrote these songs influenced by American roots, soul, rock, blues and Gospel. I am honored that so many people enjoy them." The CD cover art is Bruce's. See his online art gallery here.

Songs on Falling in Blues:

BurningBones GoneWingingHatFalling InDam RightLieRainingSleepJump Shopping Traipsin Losing Ground

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second chance

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First chance ahead performed by Second Chance, is the first pre-release from this five-man rock band. This album highlights their strong original writing and uniquie arrangements.

Songs on Second Chance:

Gotta' Make that RunLiving the MysteryBubble TownWings in the WindNever Walk That RoadRunnin'Cracks in the CeilingSailor and the SeaThe WindowOne MoreSatire Tune

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free world

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Gary's first album, Free World, with its melodic, mood-inspiring selections will free your mind and your spirit. Come, climb onto this branch of the music tree.

Songs on Free World:

Free WorldOld Time Rock Victim of the BeatOcean SongElectric Heart BeatLipsticleMusic TreeWhen Love Turns to HateSkipperGrace

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Piano Visions

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Piano Visions is a compilation of music created over a period of several decades, beginning in the 1960s. Gary's passion for the piano is evident in these pieces as is his ability to compose and record his musical visions for his audience to enjoy.

Songs on Piano Visions:

PV 1, PV 2, PV 3, PV 4, PV 5, PV 6, PV 7, PV 8, PV 9, PV 10, PV 11, PV 12, PV 13, PV 14

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Audio Vitabytes

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A heaping earful of Audio Vitabytes is a great addition to everyone's daily musical diet. This spontaneous musical creation has 100% of your daily requirement of Vitamin E for electronic. Snap, crackle, arp!

Songs on Audio Vitabytes:

AV 1, AV 2, AV 3, AV 4, AV 5, AV 6, AV 7, AV 8, AV 9, AV 10, AV 11, AV 12, AV 13, AV 14