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Old Time Rock

From the Free World album

old-time rock, make you want to smile

you don't want to frown, laughin all the while

you jump up and down, with that old-time rock

yes that old-time rock I said, listen everyone

all around the world, come and have some fun

hey give it a whirle, with that old-time rock


chorus 1

Make you want to smile, you don't want to frown

you jump up and down


you jump up and down, the beat and the sound

go-ahead crack a smile, laugh on it for a while

don't let it throw you, just want to show you

life is fun this way, don't throw it away

so don't be down, listen for that sound

those old-time rockers the best all-around


chorus 2

laughin all the while, listen for that sound

the best all-around


so don't sit like a lump, don't let them spoil your fun

old-time rock takes the kinks out

relieces the soul, that something to live for

relieve those tensions, go-ahead and shout

grandpas old-time, sons the rock

grandsons new wave, great sons wrap


ch 1


vrs 1 - with those old-time rockers


ch 2