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One More Lyrics

From the Second Chance album

Wow, we gotta check this out

have to get a new life style
the body can't take all this pumping up
for just the right role
fast pace streakin lights hart pounding adrenaline risin
here it is, here it is
All those tables to choose redwood stables
jousting Rod added to my pole

7-Eleven come on give me what I want
one more roll i know its comein I can feel it
knock knock knockin where's that noise coming from
Damn that roll came up craps again, and again, and again

Someday maybe, i'll learn to find the right table
until then I'll just look around
nothing the feeling of fine rewords
Let them go for a roll
I can't stop the urge, to many weird dealers
let me roll your dice, one more


One of these days my heart will give out
hearing all the screeming
just one more for old times sake,here it is-----