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Piano Visions Song List

The story behind this album. In 9th grade I asked the band director
if I could stay after school and use one of the practice rooms to
play the piano. For the next two years I walked home from school
three miles so that I could practice piano. My mother finally decided
that I was serious about the piano. And spent the grocery money on
a reconditioned up right piano for me. We spent the next couple weeks
eating rice, potatoes and beans. She used to stand at the top of the
stairway and open the door slightly so she could hear me practicing.
I had already created more than half of this album before I graduated
from high school. I called that music piano dittys. When I started
college I created the actual visions. Which is the first five pieces
on this album. The second piece (A piano duet) was performed live at
a high school and received a standing ovation. Two other pieces on
this alum turned into full productions. When love turns to hate
appeared on my first album "Free World". Happy ever after appears
on "Ears Wide Open".

I decided to drop the duties and call all of them visions. You will
see different things that I do in these pieces. I hope they create
beautiful visions for you. Please enjoy.