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Satire Tune Lyrics

From the Second Chance album

The old man's gonna be 70 soon
has a bad temper and barks at the moon
he's been around the block a couple of times or two
sure is grouchy you would be to

Chorus - Doesn't anybody ever care
doesn't anybody want to share
don't look at me as an old fool

The youth of today the many that they are
sometimes he wonders where the troubles start
the idols and the mentors are of a satire tune
and that's why they think he's so uncool

Chorus - (he says)

Don't be in a hurry to throw your life away
slow it down today
why not try and learn from me
the young and the old, could make amends
maybe even friends
experiences just be for themselves


In his younger day he was taught respect
the years have shuffled by slowly seen neglect
you better think twice you'll be there soon
and when he's gone, who's the fool