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Skipper Lyrics

From the Free World album

A long time ago we had a dog and her name was Skipper.
She was more than a dog and we thought of her more like a sister.
She seemed so smart she could learn any trick we stopped counting.
But a man threatened us he would shoot her because of her houling.

And we miss her, our dog skipper, we miss her, Skipper

We jumped and we played and she kept us away from danger.
He coaxed her with meat and she went to his door for her supper.
That drunken old man pulled the trigger that tore up her face.
With her last ounce of strength she dragged yourself back to our place.

And she died there, and we cried their, she died, we cryed

I was up the next morn when I went outside I saw her.
I stood for a moment then screamed at the house come out here.
My brothers and sisters and Momma and Daddy just stood there.
And I prayed through my tears please Lord take this dog named Skipper.

She had died there and we cried their she died we cried.
She had died there and we cried their she died we cried.