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Victim of the Beat Lyrics

From the Free World album

Scared to look at what she might see
who knows she could be looking for me
what's good and life you can't always see
she's just looking for what could be

She remembers back the way it was
when the body of flesh would find that buzz
she's looking for something she can't find
something way back there in her mind

She's the victim of the beat
ya think it's really neat
beauty and the beat

And you might think that that's oK
that growing up is here to stay
she just woke up to realize
there's nowhere else she can hide

My soul lives in that drum
and every cord and note within
melodys a flame that bearns my mind
and harmony knows it's all mine

Victim of the beat
what a rush what a thrill what a feat
victim of the beat----- ya

She's a victim of the beat
so you think it's really neat
beauty and the beat

I am a victim of the beat
transpose by self into music
past my soul to the beat

Victim of the beat (repeat)