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Wings in the Wind Lyrics

From the Second Chance album

Have you ever felt a freedom
blowin with the wind.
through the tree lines and wheat fields
around every bend.
soaring high, high above the trees.
I look up, so majestic, flying free.
symbol freedom no Sin, wings in the wind.

in my dreams I fly, high up in the air.
go where only, the Eagle would dare.
their only battle, is against the wind.
so strong, so strong but they seem to win.
a symbol strength no sin.
wings against the wind.

Chorus ah---wings in the wind
ah---wings in the wind

Above the fiery floor of the tamerak forest.
wings search, for the place to rest.
but they don't stop, there forever gone.
never tire, sail on so strong.
a symbol freedom no sin, wings in the wind.

Chorus - Chorus - chorus - chorus